Jenna vom Johnson-Haus



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Jenna is a super female of medium-small size. She has extreme ball drives and is a very quick and agile female. Jenna has extreme drives in protection and has full and very hard grips every time. She is a missile on the courage test, and drives through the helper with reckless abandon. look for us on the field it should be exciting!!

Jenna has a world class 4-generation pedigree with 13-BSP participants and 3-WUSV Champions.

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SG-Jayde vom Johnson-Haus: SchH1, KKL2, OFA: Good hips/elbows


Jazz vom Johnson-Haus: SchH1, OFA:Fair hips/ normal elbows


Yel vom haus Welz SchH3 OFA: GOODUSA Nationals Competitor

Asko von der Lutter: ScH3, FH, IPO3, a-normal(BSP Champion)             (WUSV World Champion) Dino vom Sylbacher Wald:SchH3,     a-normal (4xBSP) Olf vom Heidetal
Anka von der Kassebrede
Haska von Karthago: SchH3,IPO3, FH (2xLGA-Champion)  Benny von der oberen Halde
Roma von Karthago
Quenti von Karthago:SchH3, IPO3, BHP3, a-normal Crok vom Erlenbusch: SchH3,KKL2   a-normal   (2xBSP)  Mink vom Haus Wittfeld (2xBSP)
Tanja vom Südmühlenkolk
Ilwa von Karthago: SchH2, a-normal Gasko von Karthago
Amsel von Karthago
Xena von der Daelenberghutte SchH1, a-normal                               (Top Producer) Belschik von Eicken Bruche SchH3, IPO3,FH, KKL2a-normal                                                      (2 x BSP & WUSV Competitor) Troll von der Bosen Nochbarschaft SchH3, FH, a-normal (V-BSP) Fero Zeuterner Himmelreich  (V-BSP)
Askia vom Froschgraben:(2XBSP)
Ina vom Sherwald: SchH3, a-normal  Arek vom Stoffelblick: (V-BSP)
Vroni vom Riemsloherwald (V-BSP)
Rani von der Daelenberghutte IPO1,  a-normal (Top producer) Blacky vom Neuen Lande: SchH3, KKL1a-fast normal  (BSP-Champion) ---          (WUSV World Champion) Gildo vom Korbelbach  (3XBSP)
Fanta vom Haus Westfalen-Stolz                   ( 2xLGA champ & 2 x BSP )
Ondra vom Muikenshof SchH3, HD/A Link van Muikenshof: --------------          (WUSV-Champion)
Lady-Jenna Muikenshof IPO3