SG-Jayde vom Johnson-Haus: SchH1, KKL2




Congratulations to Connie and Jayde for a super job getting their BH, AD and SchH1. Good job Walt for handling Jayde for her Korung at the Southeast Regional Show. You guys are awesome.. Jayde will be bred her next heat cycle here at Johnson-Haus German Shepherds. I would like to thank Walt and Connie for the opportunity. It should be a "GREAT LITTER".



Breed Survey: Large, Substantial, Adequately High Withers, Firm Back, Short Croup, Short and deep-Set upper arm, Good angulation in the rear, Toed-in Gate coming, Still very Good gait. Instinctive behavior, Self Confidence and the ability to cope with stress Pronounced; does release.


Jayde's Pedigree

Yel vom haus Welz SchH3 OFA: GOODUSA Nationals Competitor

Asko von der Lutter: ScH3, FH, IPO3, a-normal(BSP Champion)             (WUSV World Champion) Dino vom Sylbacher Wald:SchH3,     a-normal (4xBSP) Olf vom Heidetal
Anka von der Kassebrede
Haska von Karthago: SchH3,IPO3, FH (2xLGA-Champion)  Benny von der oberen Halde
Roma von Karthago
Quenti von Karthago:SchH3, IPO3, BHP3, a-normal Crok vom Erlenbusch: SchH3,KKL2   a-normal   (2xBSP)  Mink vom Haus Wittfeld (2xBSP)
Tanja vom Südmühlenkolk
Ilwa von Karthago: SchH2, a-normal Gasko von Karthago
Amsel von Karthago
Xena von der Daelenberghutte SchH1, a-normal                               (Top Producer) Belschik von Eicken Bruche SchH3, IPO3,FH, KKL2a-normal                                                      (2 x BSP & WUSV Competitor) Troll von der Bosen Nochbarschaft SchH3, FH, a-normal (V-BSP) Fero Zeuterner Himmelreich  (V-BSP)
Askia vom Froschgraben:(2XBSP)
Ina vom Sherwald: SchH3, a-normal  Arek vom Stoffelblick: (V-BSP)
Vroni vom Riemsloherwald (V-BSP)
Rani von der Daelenberghutte IPO1,  a-normal (Top producer) Blacky vom Neuen Lande: SchH3, KKL1a-fast normal  (BSP-Champion) ---          (WUSV World Champion) Gildo vom Korbelbach  (3XBSP)
Fanta vom Haus Westfalen-Stolz                   ( 2xLGA champ & 2 x BSP )
Ondra vom Muikenshof SchH3, HD/A Link van Muikenshof: --------------          (WUSV-Champion)
Lady-Jenna Muikenshof IPO3