SG-Vina vom Wanderer

SchH1, KKL2 a-normal zw# (72)



Vina is a powerful female with excellent secondary sex characteristics. Vina has a super temperament and is very social. Her head is masculine and her bone is strong. She has super drives with a powerful guard and hard grip. Vina is Truly a workaholic (she loves to work). Vina wants to have a ball with her at ALL times. I have never seen a female with this much ball drive!

She produces dogs with crazy ball drive!!

Solo vom Johnson-Haus: Perfect Hip Prelim, "Personal Protection Dog"
Stryder vom Johnson-Haus: OFA:GOOD Hips/Elbows

Video1    Video2    Video Guard   Video Guarding  Courage Bite

Wilko vom Johnson-Haus: Very Good Hip Prelim Video1   Video2   Video3   Video4
Zita vom Johnson-Haus (Excellent drives, nerve and grips)

A few of Vina's Young Progeny



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Vina's Pedigree

V-Elk von Karthago: SchH3, KKL1a-normal

SG-Chicco von der Fasanerie: SchH3, FH, a-normal (BSP) Vico vom Wolfendobel: SchH3
Cora von der Fasanerie: SchH3, FH, IPO3
SG-Gambi von Karthago: SchH2,KKL1 a-normal Othello vom Gierather bach: SchH3, FH (LGA) 
Dohle von Karthago: SchH3 (Randa daughter)
SG-Sina vom Wanderer: SchH2, a-normal V-Fax vom Tor zum Sauerland: SchH3, FH-2, (LGA),a-normal Bandit van Gogh: SchH3, IPO3, FH (BSP)
Ina von Lützing: SchH3
SG-Naila vom Wanderer: SchH1, a-normal

Arko vom Parkstrab: SchH3, FH  (BSP)

Dayna vom Wanderer: SchH1