The Passing of an Age

To fast my time with Valcko has passed. I can still remember when I imported him from Belgium, 100% unfazed when I first opened his crate, in high spirits and ready to go. He was a talker & clanker (of his teeth) until our absolute final day together. I feel sick to my stomach, I miss him so much..


  •  16xSchH3, IPO3, KKL2a-normal (not counting the few we failed tracks on)

  • lazy ole house dog

  •  2xSchH3 National Championships Competitor

  •  German Shepherd Dog Championships Competitor

  •  socialite with other dogs, people, Puppies and children

  • High Drive, very focused and intense dog

  • 2x S.E. Regional SchH3 Championships Competitor

  • The most correct Temperament, Balanced, strong nerved dog I have ever met.

From the moment Valcko touched the ground at the airport we were starting to get ready for trials. More experienced than I, he did allot of the teaching!! We made a few mistakes together early with some tracking issues but we worked it out as we went. Qualified for the SchH3 Nationals our first year together. Scored 92-91-88=271 which in-turn qualified us for the next years SchH3 National Championships. A few local trials and onto the 2002 S.E. Regionals, 95-88-93=276. Then onto the GSD Championships 93-87-88=268 what a mess the heat was at that trial, I thought we were both going to fall over. A couple more local trials and onto the SchH3 Nationals the next winter in AL. Valcko gave his best "National Level Score" that year with a 93-90-92=275. I've always said if I got him now we would be a hard team to beat, poor dog didn't have a chance with the green handler next to him. We did some more local trial and one more Regional Event before I decided to give him his due "House Dog Status"...

I have many regrets when I think of Valcko. House dog status? Yes, but that didn't mean I gave him the personal time I now wish I had. So many dogs, the next one in-line, I'll take you out and play ball tomorrow kinda stuff. Did I mention how much I miss him right now? Valcko was a funny dog, he didn't want to sleep on the bed, even when I offered. He would get up there find a spot, but give his grumpy ole man attitude if I moved or bumped into him. Straight to the floor on the carpet or doggy bed. He was a bright eyed dog always ready to go out and play ball, go hiking, kinda good at swimming (but not really) but always ready to go. Until his final days he held out hope that "The New Female" visiting was for him and not stupid ole Zeno. Man the grizzly bear noises that dog could make when a female in-heat was around... All night long, I could get up, get in his face and tell him to stop and he would still find away to get the last word in.. The poor ole man just couldn't help it. Drive until his final moments in this world, my kind of dog..

Always happy to see me, be with me, screw up my email with a perfectly placed head nod, the perfect follow you into every room kinda dog "even when you didn't want him to follow".. Stick his noise where it didn't belong kinda dog. But I have to say I could leave food on the coffee table and no matter how long he took a look or sniff on his way by he would never dare touch it, even over night. God, what I would give to have a do over with Valcko... Perhaps time will help the awful feeling I have in my gut. I kinda hope it doesn't go away too soon, I don't want life to go back to normal minus one.


This might be Valcko teaching me his last lesson, "How little Time we have" so Don't blow it with the rest of your loved ones' Dad.

6/12/1997 -to- 10/05/2009