SG-Fonda vom Bernsteintal SchH1, KKL1a-normal


Fonda has a very nice pedigree. She does not have the latest and greatest dogs in her pedigree, "BUT" she has some highly influential reproduction dogs within her three generation pedigree.. She is linebred 4-4 on " Drechsler vom Warnautal" a dog that was "6 X V-(Excellent) at the BSP". Fonda has a motherline of high level competition females as well. A proven brood female with titled, hip certified progeny in Germany, she brings many old style dogs within her three generation pedigree. Very Impressive.


Fonda's Pedigree

Inzucht Auf:  4-4, SG Drechsler vom Warnautal(6X BSP-V)

Kanitz vom Dreibirkenhain SchH3, FH, KKL2a-normal       (2X BSP) Half vom Ruhbachtal SchH3, FH, KKL1a-normal (BSP) Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3, FH  KKL1a-normal (2X BSP)
Orlie vom Körbelbach  SchH3, KKL1a-normal
Anja vom Zauberschlößchen SchH3, KKL1a-fast normal Dingo vom Kupferkrug SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL2 a-normal
Dunja vom Ruhbachtal SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL1 a-normal
Dasha vom Bernsteintal SchH3, IPO3, KKL2a-normal (2X LGA) Eyk von der Schafbachmühle SchH3, IPO3, WPO, RSPH, KKL1a-fast normal Urs aus der Hopfenstraße SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL1 a-normal (BSP)
Cerese von der Zitadellenburg SchH3, IPO3, KKL2 a-normal
Yessy vom Bernsteintal SchH3, IPO3, KKL2a-noch zugelassen (4X LGA) Benny vom Heideloh SchH3, KKL1a-normal
Eika von der kleinen Windmühle  SchH3, IPO3, KKL1a-noch zugelassen (LGA)